I noticed that I would get caught on Facebook or on instagram looking and admiring and comparing myself to the lives of others….

I would literally get LOST for hours doing this and EVERY time this would happen i would be unhappy or stressed or feel i needed to go workout a million times or go and build my business 24/7 lol…because ultimately this lead me to feeling NOT worthy or NOT good enough….

It wasn’t until I realized that living vicariously through OTHER people wasn’t going to get me to where I wanted to go…

It wasn’t going to provide the life that I wanted to provide for my family…

It DEFINITELY wasn’t making me any happier…or more productive…

It was sucking away time and it was sucking away my LIFE that I could be busy creating….

Best thing you can do is put blindfolds on…focus on YOU…how are you going to get YOU from point a to point b?

What are the things YOU are going to do each day to CLOSE THE GAP from where you are now to where you truly want to be 6 months or 1 year of 5 years from now?

it’s YOU VS YOU baby…..

and you’ve got this….

I believe in you 🙂


Happy Sunday gorgeous friend 🙂

I just wanted to reach out and connect on this beautiful sunday and before I head out on another adventure to Whistler, Canada to snowboard and to join my man for another Tony Robbins event he is speaking at. I actually was under the weather this weekend but as hard as it was I have found the gift in it and that is I am just GRATEFUL for the 24 hours of slowing down and also grateful that I got knocked down BEFORE my big trip instead of during it! I’m turning 32 years old in 3 days!! and I want to be filling amazing going into a brand new year of life for myself –and you better believe I will be spending that day on the mountain over looking God’s gorgeous creation giving thanks for my life and for all the blessings that surround me…..

I know some of you maybe have seen this live Facebook video over on my personal fb page www.facebook.com/brandi.botts but I just wanted to make sure because I know when i learned about “choosing the right hard” – my life changed for the better…i realized that if it was going to be “tough” either way and then I might as well make it work in mine and my family’s best interest! Whether it’s in your health… business…finances…faith..relationships… all things require WORK and effort…. and if we don’t put in the effort we feel PAIN generally… its uncomfortable and doesn’t FEEL good when we aren’t where we “think” or where we “want” to be….and that can be painful…but we don’t make the changes bc it requires EFFORT…aka WORK lol…. which is also painful in it’s own way BUTTT the difference between the pain is that one of these “pain points” is going to lead us to where we want to go…and not just keep us STUCK where we don’t want to be…… So my challenge for you today is to create time and space for yourself on this gorgeous sunday and sit down and get CLEAR…on what areas of life that are causing you these “pain points” and see what are the 2-3 things that you could focus on and do each day by taking these baby steps to get you to where you want to go…. because it’s going to be hard either way…you might as well get closer to where you truly want to go am i right?!

But more importantly…i want you to create a new BELIEF and identity for yourself going into this new week… “WHO do you have to be or who do you NEED to become” in order to achieve the things that you want to? What does that person DO on a daily basis…how does that person ACT…how does that person show up…how does that person talk?…. maybe you should even give that person a new name? This person will be your HIGHEST and BEST self… if you could think of a name for that person who would that be? Come on now…if you could give that higher self a name…what name would that be?

And what i want you to do with that “new self” is i want you to start CALLING that person to step up each morning…I want you to STEP into that NEW self each day…breathe like that person would breathe…walk like that person would walk…talk like that new and higher self would talk….It is a CHOICE to step into that greater self with those new actions and new belief systems… and the more that you focus on this and the more that you STEP into that higher self the more that person will begin to show up in your life. It is a DAILY CHOICE that has to be made-because if not..you will just keep getting whatever just comes you way and it’s not usually what we WANT or choose.

Sounds “weird” lol but if you are open to it..and you open your mind to it…and you own it and you practice this…you will see that it works…

I pray your week is absolutely BLESSED beyond measure… and I pray that you have the strength to tackle this week head on…..I pray that you have the strength to step into your highest and best self this week.

Until next time, Be blessed friends! i will update you after my snowboarding birthday trip to whistler!!! Talk soon -b


Ps as always…if you are wanting to work one on one with me and have me help you create a PLAN for yourself and your health and fitness goals you can apply at my website www.brandibotts.com and click on the FITNESS tab there and fill out the application!!!

LINK to “choose your hard” Video Watch HERE

Can I have a moment of your time? 😘
I wanted to share something with you…something that has been changing the way I look at all things in my life….
I have to be honest. I lived most of my life in my head…my head was constantly thinking and analyzing and worrying and trying to figure life out….our mind is built for survival and so it just runs and runs and runs trying to survive….
And it wasn’t until I realized I could live and love from my HEART and from my soul that true happiness started to come about….
And what helped me make that shift was starting to view all life’s situations from “God’s EYES” – I would look at all my tough situations through that filter…I would look at people I was upset with through those lenses…I would find the beauty in it…the gift in it or in that person…I would try to put myself In their shoes and try to see why they would act the way they acted and usually it was bc they just simply were trying to feel ENOUGH or to be loved….that they were also battling hard life issues too and instead of judging them or the situation I just tried to accept it and love through it anyways and see it from gods perspective….
Even last night and this last week– me and b just have been busy and have both had so much big life things going on and we weren’t “connecting” like we normally do or should and we were short with one another and were a little “bitchy” to be honest lol and so we slowed down and got out of our head and into our heart to see where one another was coming from…what he was going through that I needed to understand and what I was going through that he needed to love and understand…and the of course once you slow down and choose to love and not judge and you LEAN in to understand the other person and LISTEN– the connection and love pours back in and all is well. I’m so lucky to have such a loving man that will take time to slow down with me and understand me ❤️
Why do I share that with you? Because most of us just run around living life from our heads and your head is all SURVIVAL mode…and judgement mode and it doesn’t seek to understand the situation or the other person is seeks to judge that they are wrong and if they loved me they wouldn’t act that way instead of the heart which seeks to understand and to open and lean in to discover how to understand where they are at and what might be going on for them ❤️
So maybe just maybe this might help someone that might be going through something tough today or something you are worried about…maybe you could slow down and breathe deep into your heart and see it from gods eyes so you can see the whole picture and maybe see the truth ❤️❤️❤️
Get into your heart ❤️❤️❤️

Random blog post of the month lol- something I shared with the breast implant illness group I am a part of on Facebook because I know the POWER of our minds…and that power is that we can heal ourselves or make ourselves SICK depends on our thoughts and patterns. If you haven’t already you can check out my morning routine here and you can get some ideas on how to start your day from a beautiful state…a state of gratitude that wipes out fear and operates from abundance and love.




Such a healing blend that I wanted to share with you guys today to listen to during the day to get centered or to listen to when you sleep –it’s 528 hz so it’s a HEALING and LOVING tone…. There are so many of these on youtube so i would encourage you to do a search and find your favorite ones 🙂

Love is 528 hz’s did you know that?

Another one of my absolute FAVS for meditating and gratitude work is this one

and if you need a guided gratitude sesh….with my friend Tony Robbins here is amazing <3

and if you haven’t..watching “i am not your guru” on netflix will be a beautiful gift to yourself too <3

I just wanted to share!!!



These have been so healing for me <3