I’m so excited that you are going to join us over these next 7 days!!!! Well if i’m honest I will have this group open for 14 days because you will have access to the workouts i have been using for 5.5 years for FREE for 14 whole days….but we will take it in 7 day chunks and have even more ladies joining us on day 7 so in case you end up wanting to invite a lady friend or family member to join you they can join at any time!!!


What is the goal of this group? How will this serve you?

Again my goal is to teach women what I have learned and that is about the ebb & flow of our body and how sometimes we need to suck it up and push hard but then there are moments in the week or month and in our life to where we need to surrender….and flow through it…and give back to ourselves by not always pushing to the absolute limit which ends up being more taxing on our bodies and our souls. Am i saying we will not work hard….no no no…lol quite the opposite but i think there are Different types of WORK….outer and strength work but also the strength and surrender INTERNALLY as well. Does that make sense?


Sometimes MORE is not always the answer and once we reach a point and we go over it starts having negative effects on us…that’s what i want to help you learn and how to listen to your intuition and your inner knowing of what you need in that moment.


In 7 days we will push ourselves….build strength…break down…and then every two days we will FLOW and incorporate either yoga or dance or something fun to help you nourish your body and let it rest and heal –so it’s a different kind of work. Both are equally important! Same thing with nutrition…a meal plan will be provided to you and we will talk about how to incorporate TREATS as well because i have TREATS daily but i have just figured out a really amazing way to do that and still feel great and see results. I was SUPER strict forever and it was more stress on my mind and body than learning how to ebb & flow with my food too!


How will you need to get set up with your 14 day free trial offer? You will go to


and click on that bottom right option with the 14 day trial offer there…..unless for some reason you are just all in and want to take advantage of our crazy 1 year challenge pack special that is the top left option and join my more private group of ladies who work with me more closely.

**if you already have BOD through me….please email me asap or fb message me and we will get you added to the group too!


You will have to cancel the 14 day trial offer before it is up and the chat info to do that is here: https://faq.beachbody.com/app/contact_us/lob/coach

It’s super simple to chat in there at any time…day 2..or day 13…and cancel that and i do recommend that you do that! because if you want to continue on then the 1 year pass is a way better deal and you get my super food shakeology shake included in that…which i have been drinking daily for 5.5 years now…such a game changer…Vegan is the one i recommend-Vegan chocolate or Vegan cafe latte bc they are SO decadent and yummy. Perfect for my sweet tooth but packed with 70 herbs and super foods to fuel your body and your adrenals and gut health and hormones.



AFTER YOU GET SET UP WITH YOUR FREE TRIAL EMAIL ME AT BRANDIBOTTSFIT@GMAIL.COM with your confirmation and then join our Facebook group here



I will accept you into the group as soon as i see your email and confirmation!!


Email or fb message me with any questions!!!! meal plan is in the group!!!!! you will download it once you are in there!!!!!!


Excited!!!!! See you in there soon!

Would you like to join us?! My sweet and amazing friend Andrea Conti Crowder and I are going to be co-hosting something we are TRULY excited and truly passionate about.
As most of you have seen I have been on a huge self love exploration journey for the last few years…but even more so since 6 months ago when I removed my breast implants that were making me sick for years. But even more than that just on this journey to love and be all that I am…. THIS IS ME…all of me <3 It’s taken me 32 years to get to this place and I’m very much still learning and growing more in this area by leaps and bounds on the daily but as women we have a lot of outside pressure to be a certain way or how we “think” we should look or be and it can get to place where it RULES your ever waking thought and it can make you absolutely sick and absolutely miserable and take you in a direction you truly don’t want to be.
I know andrea has been embarking down this same path and are so similar yet so different and so we wanted to come together in this free webinar series and just share what we have learned along the way with you ladies 🙂
May 31st at 8pm CST <3
It will be about empowering tips to a fitter body and irresistible confidence– All about letting go of the judgment and instead, having this ultra tender curiosity about who we are and what we can learn about ourselves. Also sharing some tips about increasing our energy to take better care of bodies.
Shifting the idea of exercise & nutrition from punishment for our imperfections >>> to looking at it like this super selfish, luxurious reward that we begin to crave every day. The simple shifts we’ll teach will help you begin to eliminate that self-sabotage that leaves us forever frustrated and feeling defeated. It’s time to feel better naked… like right now.

The link to join us tomorrow is and the recording is the same link as well!!! 







How to order and get set up into the THIS IS ME – LOVE YOURSELF NAKED group <3 This will be one of the most cherished challenges I have ever been apart of because it just pulls at my heart strings since this is the path I have embarked upon. To love all of me…..and I want other women to experience just the little bit that I have began to experience over this last year. It’s a journey but it’s a journey worth embarking upon!!!


What will you need?!


The all access challenge pack which gives you everything you will need for this challenge and for your amazing next year of your life of embarking upon that journey of truly loving yourself… and listening to your inner intuition of what your soul and body need.


Link to order challenge pack without the 3 day cleanse is :




Link to order the challenge pack with the 3 day cleanse is: USA link: if you are canada then email me at brandibottsfit@gmail.com


Once you order please email me asap with your order confirmation!!! brandibottsfit@gmail.com – i will need this!!!! and then this will let me know you are ready and i will then send you an email invite to our group so you can join us and download your meal plan and get ready with us!!!!!!


SOOOO excited to rock life with you these next few months <3 Life will never be the same again.

EEEK!!!!! It is official friends!!!!

Beachbody Coaching is launching in the UNITED KINGDOM , and I am so PUMPED!!! Another ground level opportunity in yet another country– we are only in the united states & canada as of now and are now embarking into the United Kingdom this fall!!! So this means a huge opportunity not only for those in the USA and CANADA because of a whole new country being placed into your downline which my team and downline team – TEAM TKO is 35,000 large at this point with some of the TOP leaders in the biz (whom i love and adore and am so grateful for) will be adding a ton of new UK coaches to our team when we launch but it’s a HUGE once in a life time opportunity for those that reside in the United Kingdom to be founding coaches there in that country which is just unreal. I mean i started 5.5 years ago and build a multi 7 figure business in 3 ish years time….**Beachbody does not guarantee any amount of income-it’s based on your diligence and skill**

but that was 4-5 years AFTER  beachbody had already been in business so I can’t even imagine starting on day 1 and having that opportunity to be apart of a billion dollar company launching into a brand new country. Such a cool and special opportunity to be cherished and so I want to help those that are truly interested in helping a ton of people and building your own like minded tribe of a few 1000 people to learn the ropes of how to do that and to be mentored by a top coach in this business. My goal is to help you grow yourself and change your own life so that you can mentor and help to do that with others! Going from a stay at home mom with health issues to finding my true calling and passion with this business and completely changing my entire family’s life in just a year’s time period make you want to pay that forward to others! 
1 month into my coaching business i showed up in the top 15 in the company and was in the top 15 for the four following years with a team that produces over 50 million annually but I didn’t do that alone- not at all–it’s a TEAM EFFORT and we have the most special team that truly works together which i adore…But it takes learning how to develop yourself as a leader and be able to inspire and help and mentor and SERVE others…. Our team is a team of servants who LOVE helping people. We have 5 super star diamond and 7 figure earning coaches that help to lead our tribe and hundreds of diamond and above leaders as well so we do provide the best of the best training for our team and downline teams. Everything that I do I TEACH and share with everyone…we don’t believe in scarcity or hiding things–we are better together and if that sounds like a team you would like to be apart of and be mentored personally by me then please fill out the application below and i would love the opportunity to talk with you on the phone and make sure this is a great fit. 


Everyone that fills this out will get a one on one call with me to make sure we are a good fit and talk game plan for when we do officially launch this fall! 

and we will create YOUR game plan for you and your business as well. I’m all about a simple and effective game plan lol. and you will have so much training you won’t know what to do with yourself lol. All of that and the tools to build your business will be provided in the new coach and leadership trainings. 

My dream and goal for you is to support you as your mentor, friend, and teammate. We are truly better together. You run, I run with you.


Look forward to talking more with you soon!!! -b


Hey friend!

I wanted to give you the opportunity to TRY the workouts that I do DAILY for

Are you intersted in doing that?!

We are starting March 13th! and we will be working out together for the following two weeks! Yes, you will be able to do all the 400-500 workout programs that I use daily for free during this time! (if you haven’t taken advantage of this BOD trial before of course)

This is for ANY level of fitness…whether you are a fitness pro…or just starting your journey or just had the baby 6 weeks ago or are preggo lol(cleared from doctor of course)…there is something in here for everyone! We have weights, cardio, HIIT, yoga, pilates, PIYO, kick boxing, dance…etc etc etc.. lol TONS to choose from! Most workouts are 25-30 minutes a day so short, effective and to the point!

Are you in?!

If so you can scroll down for the details on how to get into that group and all set up! Because we short on time it’s important to take ACTION on this ASAP and not wait!

Definitely a RARE opportunity that you wont want to miss!!!

Look forward to serving you more in the group! -b


Details on how to JOIN us!!!


  1. Fill out this appliation and info here : APPLICATION
  2. Do you already have another beachbody coach? if so, Email me here asap @ brandibottsfit@gmail.com
  3. Please get set up with the 30 day FREE BOD trial aka Beachbody on Demand TRIAL!
    • You do have to sign up for our beachbody on demand TRIAL offer …but i’m gonna give you all those details…it’s super simple to do and only takes a few minutes of your time!
      First you will go to this LINK here: https://www.teambeachbody.com/signup/-/signup/club?referringRepId=528218
      And you will click on the 3 month BOD TRIAL offer…so this IS in fact the 30 days of the bod trial…of course it says on there 3 months but that is what you will be charged at day 30 for **IF** you do not go in the next few weeks and CANCEL that…I say if you are worried at all, go and cancel it immediately if that makes you feel more comfortable because honestly if you want to continue on with this BOD workouts and have access to all 700 workouts plus our 3 new programs that launch in 2017…we have a MUCH better deal than that 3 month offer! The info on how to cancel that AFTER you sign up is below just so you have it on hand! We do this because before when people were signing up for the free 30 days…they didn’t realize they were being CHARGED on day 30 without cancelling so we wanted to be SUPER transparent! which i love that about our company! 
    • But first you will pick that 3 month BOD TRIAL offer i mentioned above and then add your CC info there..and check out…there is nothing charged at this time…again you will cancel any auto charges… and so now all you are left with is 30 days of all access to 700 at home workout programs…and we will put together the perfect game plan for you during our two week FREE countdown to summer group!!!!


Info to cancel the auto payment on day 3 info here: 

    •  you will go HERE https://faq.beachbody.com/app/chat/chat_launch/lob/coach/4AFTER you sign up to LIVE CHAT which takes 1 minute to CANCEL any automatic charges that would happen in 30 days from today…just so you have that and can get that done. They are really good about it. You can also call at 800-470-7870 too!
      — Again, I hope that all made sense for you!!!!! Do you have any questions for me?! Hit me back and let me know! Once you do get set up…please email me back and i will get you into the group!! It is pre kick off week this week! So everyone is going to be downloading their meal plans if they choose and their workout calendar! All workouts are 30 minutes! So makes it super short and simple to follow!!!! I know you will love it!
      Can’t wait to talk more soon!



There may be some of you like me….you dont like to TRY something…you just go ALL IN lol… and that’s a beautiful thing as well…. and if that is the case and you want to work with me for the next YEAR for less than $15 a month….

Please fill out this application asap! CLICK HERE and I will get back with you on these details!

This means you would get access too all 700 programs…plus the three new ones that launch in 2017! instant free access to those! plus 10% off all other products etc! including shakeology 🙂