I noticed that I would get caught on Facebook or on instagram looking and admiring and comparing myself to the lives of others….

I would literally get LOST for hours doing this and EVERY time this would happen i would be unhappy or stressed or feel i needed to go workout a million times or go and build my business 24/7 lol…because ultimately this lead me to feeling NOT worthy or NOT good enough….

It wasn’t until I realized that living vicariously through OTHER people wasn’t going to get me to where I wanted to go…

It wasn’t going to provide the life that I wanted to provide for my family…

It DEFINITELY wasn’t making me any happier…or more productive…

It was sucking away time and it was sucking away my LIFE that I could be busy creating….

Best thing you can do is put blindfolds on…focus on YOU…how are you going to get YOU from point a to point b?

What are the things YOU are going to do each day to CLOSE THE GAP from where you are now to where you truly want to be 6 months or 1 year of 5 years from now?

it’s YOU VS YOU baby…..

and you’ve got this….

I believe in you 🙂


Can I have a moment of your time? 😘
I wanted to share something with you…something that has been changing the way I look at all things in my life….
I have to be honest. I lived most of my life in my head…my head was constantly thinking and analyzing and worrying and trying to figure life out….our mind is built for survival and so it just runs and runs and runs trying to survive….
And it wasn’t until I realized I could live and love from my HEART and from my soul that true happiness started to come about….
And what helped me make that shift was starting to view all life’s situations from “God’s EYES” – I would look at all my tough situations through that filter…I would look at people I was upset with through those lenses…I would find the beauty in it…the gift in it or in that person…I would try to put myself In their shoes and try to see why they would act the way they acted and usually it was bc they just simply were trying to feel ENOUGH or to be loved….that they were also battling hard life issues too and instead of judging them or the situation I just tried to accept it and love through it anyways and see it from gods perspective….
Even last night and this last week– me and b just have been busy and have both had so much big life things going on and we weren’t “connecting” like we normally do or should and we were short with one another and were a little “bitchy” to be honest lol and so we slowed down and got out of our head and into our heart to see where one another was coming from…what he was going through that I needed to understand and what I was going through that he needed to love and understand…and the of course once you slow down and choose to love and not judge and you LEAN in to understand the other person and LISTEN– the connection and love pours back in and all is well. I’m so lucky to have such a loving man that will take time to slow down with me and understand me ❤️
Why do I share that with you? Because most of us just run around living life from our heads and your head is all SURVIVAL mode…and judgement mode and it doesn’t seek to understand the situation or the other person is seeks to judge that they are wrong and if they loved me they wouldn’t act that way instead of the heart which seeks to understand and to open and lean in to discover how to understand where they are at and what might be going on for them ❤️
So maybe just maybe this might help someone that might be going through something tough today or something you are worried about…maybe you could slow down and breathe deep into your heart and see it from gods eyes so you can see the whole picture and maybe see the truth ❤️❤️❤️
Get into your heart ❤️❤️❤️

A Grateful heart wipes out fear…

A Grateful heart doesn’t believe in scarcity and always has an abundance coming up ahead….

A Grateful heart turns what you have into enough…


For too many years I lived a life in fear and scarcity and was too afraid to step out of the box….I also focused on ALL the WRONG things each day and picked the WRONG emotions…emotions that poisoned me and sucked the energy right out of my body. I woke up every morning and asked myself “how do i feel..how do i feel…why don’t i have any energy…why do i feel so terrible…why me? why did this happen to me?” which are all very “normal” feelings a lot of us feel when we are having health issues/ anxiety or depression or sadness…or fatigue…. But I didn’t realize that I just needed to ask myself better QUESTIONS and also didn’t realize that I could direct and CHOOSE my emotions and how I wanted to feel or what I wanted to focus on… so now I wake up way differently…focusing on all the things I’m grateful for…”I am healthy..i am getting healthier…I am vibrant…I am joyful..i am loving…i am an amazing mother…I am WHOLE…I am a bad ass lol that can do anything she sets her mind to… MY MY…how things have changed….

and I owe it all to changing my morning routine which I was motivated to do this by Tony Robbins…I took what I learned from him and made it my own…it’s not the same everyday…and I encourage you to customize this and make it your own too…add your spin on to it…add what will serve you best…

Starting out committing to 10 minutes was SOO hard and i slipped and missed days many times until one day I realized that this was actually my whole life source…that it was when i DIDN’T do this every morning that my days were crazy and my emotions were all over the place and the day just dragged on…but when I plugged in I was so clear and energetic and loving and present and STRONG…I had a vision and a plan for my day…I didn’t let distractions or “problems” that popped up effect me the same way…I was in control of my emotions! Imagine that! lol

So I wanted to give you something simple to start with….

I introduce to you..your new best friend and life changer…

5-10 minutes to THRIVE lol

I dare you to commit to this for a week and see how things shift for you and your emotions and your life 🙂

  1. 1-2 minutes of Deep breathing and moving your body! As soon as you wake up…be focused on BREATHING deep…i like to take 4 quick breaths in through my nose….and 4 quick puffs of breath out through my mouth…it should be LOUD sounding…you want to get the bad stagnant air out…and breath in new life…imagine you are breathing in joy and energy and happiness and love…and move your body while you are doing it! I always turn on my favorite old song and dance around while i’m breathing…putting my body into state because your body will just stay BLAH and stagnant if  you don’t DECIDE other wise….dance…jump up and down…do some squats…get your arms up in the air…force your body into a peak state 🙂
  2. Drink 24 oz of water and focus on THREE things you are so grateful for. Two big ones and at least one simple and small thing you are grateful for. Maybe it’s for your spouse or for the roof over your head or the smile your child gave you or the hug they gave you the night before or the silly thing they said….or maybe you are grateful for the air in your lungs this morning or for the heart that is beating without you even having to tell it to… I love to turn on a more meditative song for the rest of this session…I will share it with you here! After you listen to this you will understand how my sessions go so long! lol Devi prayer:
  3. Send energy into yourself and others. I want you to sit and imagine a bright light coming from the sky..into your home…and shining into the top of your head…this is your crown chakra…it’s beaming brightly and filling your whole body with a healing light…imagine it coming in and healing every piece of your body…maybe you notice it is a soothing color? but it’s there healing you…and maybe after you have healed yourself with a loving  light you think of a few loved ones or friends that you want to send that same loving energy and light too…and imagine it filling them and healing them and loving them…wherever they are in the world….
  4. 1 minute of incantations- this is where I speak my TRUTHS into my body…some of them include that you can borrow or use are… I have all i need within me now…I have all the LOVE i need within me now…I have all the STRENGTH i need within me now…I am so healthy…I have so much energy that it flows through me….I am beautiful…i am strong..i am capable…I am WHOLE…I am playful and confident…I am an amazing leader…I am an amazing mother… What are you? speak that to yourself…The more you speak it..the more you will become it 🙂
  5. Visualize what you want to create that day and even visualize 2-3 of the major goals you are working to accomplish…SEE them completely coming to fruition right in front of your eyes…and even FEEL how you would feel in that moment when they come to manifestation..how proud you will feel that you pushed through….My first year in my beachbody business i visualized DAILY that we were building our family a home because of this business and helping others…and that came true…and then it was that I was able to retire my parents and they were working with me at our home…and that came true…. What are you wanting to create in your life? I want you to KNOW this and focus on this daily.
  6. and last again…stretch and jump around….and if you have a moment I always take a few seconds and jot down my THREE things that I MUST accomplish that day….maybe you need to make sure you make your spouse feel loved that day..or your children…or maybe you need to do a few things to move your business forward or your education…pick your THREE and get them done!


NOOWWWWW…..You are PRIMED and ready to ROCK and enter the world as your bad ass self lol…

Get out there and have fun…and make it happen