Why I’m getting off of Social media…..

Why i’m getting off of social media…..forever…..


jk lol…gotcchhaaa…..for 10 days silly…. which may or may not feel like forever now that i think about it but if i’m honest……. I’m ready.

I feel like as tough as it will be those first few days of breaking the habit of habitually clicking those apps without even knowing i’m consciously doing it lol –besides that i know it will end up being absolute FREEDOM in the end.

Freedom from habitually checking my phone or ig or fb or ig stories….who liked my posts/pictures….comparison games etc and just a beautiful time and space to set new intentions and new habits.

But more importantly….this was something God laid on my heart during one of my energy/meditation/prayer sessions….clear as day.


I don’t know how much you follow me on instagram stories for you to know but for the last few months I have been doing a ton of spiritual and energetic work and it’s been a part of my daily habit to pray daily to God to “open all the doors he wants open and Slam shut and close all the doors he wants closed in my life”….completely giving over to him every single thing I have or don’t have in my life because I know at the end of the day none of it is mine. As much as i thought i was doing that my whole life i was NOT lol….but that is the power of growth and continuing to seek….the more you seek and grow the more that is revealed. I’ve simply just learned that I have no business worrying or forcing or trying to handle anything that is supposed to be his.


Anyways, these last few months have been just plain NUTS with the things God has been bringing my way and also removing from my life….if I could tell you all of it in chronological order your jaw may hit the floor lol… i’m in utter shock daily….because it is all just crazy divine…lots of doors were opened and he lead me to some beautiful crazy amazing things that only he could have lined up but yes – many doors were shut too- slammed shut. However, when you become AWARE and you SEE all of what is going on and how it flows – it becomes truly beautiful because you know it’s all leading you to good….You almost laugh and smile because you can see this beautiful painting just flow together which is your life. Even the bad is beautiful when you are in this state because you have utter and complete trust that it’s all apart of the gift and the plan.


Well the other morning I had just realized that He had brought me to a place of almost solitude in a way…not solitude as in being along but solitude in a way that i just felt like i wasn’t seeking attention or love outside of myself…that I just was in a place of utter peace and trust…. in a place to where if there was anything that God wanted from me…whether i needed to go somewhere or give up something or someone or do something he wanted me to do like he did with puerto rico or whatever…

WHATEVER it was…i would do it hands down… and then I heard… “well what about this area of your life”….directing me at social media and my business lively hood… where I had literally dedicated the last 6 years of my life in building a multi 7 figure business online by sharing my life and taking selfies and sharing value and 100% became obsessive compulsive about….because as a leader you are “supposed to do as you teach your people to do”…would my coaches understand? would my customers understand? would i become irrelevant or lose Facebook affinity and people would see my posts?! lol ….

“well what about this area of your life…could you give that over to me?” ….why yes… yes i can….and I will…no hesitations in my actions but in my thoughts- of course your brain has 1000’s of thoughts per day…all trying to keep you alive but 99% of them are shit lol and stuff you don’t need to latch on to…


Have i thought to myself how silly or crazy this is? or how it might look like i’m crazy lol ….yes…. believe me i’ve had moments where I have felt bat shit crazy lately lol ( who is really not crazy? lol) …. just because of all that has come about since moving into this phase of life…especially since 5 ish months ago i was questioning my faith all together…not to God but to religion…5 months ago i was angry at religion…(that’s a whole different blog or chapter in my book lol)

….I can’t even explain it all into words quite yet so I was hoping that this week would help bring me some peace of mind and clarity so that I could share more of it. But we will see what comes about. I’m not going to lay any expectations of what writing or sharing will come from this week. I will just see where I am guided and I know it will end up perfect in it’s own way. No expectations…i have a vision of what I want to come from this 10 days but no strong ties to it… to where if it fluxes I will roll with it and roll with whatever is placed in front of me.


Something beautiful i have been sharing more on lately is the path of least resistance….

The path of least resistance is EITHER of the paths you choose…that you simply CHOOSE not to resist and flow with just like you choose that path in the first place. we do tend to make life way too fucking hard don’t we lol….if we were to just flow and roll with whatever is before us and act like we choose it and flow our way right back on out of it… it wouldn’t be so hard. and also IN those tough moments…which we will ALL have tough moments–to have GRACE and trust that we are meant to be there too. It was a rock bottom moment 6 months ago that lead me to these last few months of clarity and love and more peace. Do i still feel bat shit crazy and feel like pets heads are falling off sometimes…yessss lol… but it’s fewer and far between the further that i go down this path…


Anyways, I will see you guys possibly tomorrow here on the blog! i do have a lot of packing to do as we are moving into a new home that is apart of this craziness that all lined up in an instant for us <3


Just deleted all of my apps –facebook…instagram..snapchat friends…. i will see you all in 10 days loves <3


Until next time friends



**ps. I pray that all the doors that he wants opened swing wide open and those doors that need to be slammed shut do so as well 🙂

pss….if you read this – leave a comment love.



  1. Jill Marish
    October 23, 2017 / 12:03 am

    love. Love. Love this Brandi!! You Inspired ME to do a 10 day cleanse as well. As I had recently done one and a few before but its been on my heart as well from God to put social media DOWN and LIVE outside of constantly worrying about missing out on others. I realized I needed to focus more on MY goals. My visions. I needed to focus more on God and what HE wants for my life. Thank you for sharing and what a beautif blog you have.

    • brandibotts
      October 23, 2017 / 1:50 am

      hey jill!!! gah yessss lady yesss!! lol… I was spending way too much time scrolling looking into other people’s lives and that wasn’t going to get me to this next phase of life that God has planned for me…I’ve got some big goals and dreams that require me to be PRESENT and focused and so I needed to take a complete step back for a bit. What is crazy is that I already feel more productive and CLEAR and CALM on day 1…unconsciously i would flip through apps on my phone and not even realize it because i was so PROGRAMMED…so not anymore 🙂

      Excited for you! first step is awareness and becoming keenly aware of what is going on around us. You got that down and now it’s just the action.

  2. Shelby
    October 23, 2017 / 1:11 am

    #goodforthesoul, babe

    • brandibotts
      October 23, 2017 / 1:50 am

      yessss already i can feel that. have some HABITS of clicking apps to work out lol and then i’m good! thanks shelby!

  3. Ashley
    October 23, 2017 / 1:22 am

    Brandi, you are amazing. I will certainly be praying for you during this time! You have certainly inspired me to do some of my own mediation and a lot more praying as I haven’t been doing much of that lately. I have become so wrapped up. with my kids lately, that I kind of lost sight of myself and my dreams. Cannot wait to see what the next ten days hold for you!

    • brandibotts
      October 23, 2017 / 1:52 am

      thank you so much ashley!! i appreciate that so much! and I am excited for you to get back to your prayer time…but you will never regret it that is for sure! silent meditation and prayer has been a GAME changer for me…i always used to use music until i had a friend walk me through a meditation time in silence and it was then that i could HEAR HIM…i could hear him speak more clearly and i could hear myself as well and that inner intuition he gives us. Prayers for you as you embark down this path again!

  4. Heather
    October 23, 2017 / 3:03 am

    You truly are an inspiration! I need to really follow your lead on this as I have been dealing with post partum anxiety and I am just trying to handle all that life throws at me without asking for help. I will be praying your journey is fulfilling and restorative!

  5. Carol
    October 23, 2017 / 1:59 pm

    Listening to and following God’s Word is always a good thing. We may not know where He is leading us, but He does! Best wishes to you on your journey.

  6. Joy Hawk
    October 25, 2017 / 1:07 am

    As I sit here on social mindlessly scrolling and avoiding what I NEED…..

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