I’m so excited that you are going to join us over these next 7 days!!!! Well if i’m honest I will have this group open for 14 days because you will have access to the workouts i have been using for 5.5 years for FREE for 14 whole days….but we will take it in 7 day chunks and have even more ladies joining us on day 7 so in case you end up wanting to invite a lady friend or family member to join you they can join at any time!!!


What is the goal of this group? How will this serve you?

Again my goal is to teach women what I have learned and that is about the ebb & flow of our body and how sometimes we need to suck it up and push hard but then there are moments in the week or month and in our life to where we need to surrender….and flow through it…and give back to ourselves by not always pushing to the absolute limit which ends up being more taxing on our bodies and our souls. Am i saying we will not work hard….no no no…lol quite the opposite but i think there are Different types of WORK….outer and strength work but also the strength and surrender INTERNALLY as well. Does that make sense?


Sometimes MORE is not always the answer and once we reach a point and we go over it starts having negative effects on us…that’s what i want to help you learn and how to listen to your intuition and your inner knowing of what you need in that moment.


In 7 days we will push ourselves….build strength…break down…and then every two days we will FLOW and incorporate either yoga or dance or something fun to help you nourish your body and let it rest and heal –so it’s a different kind of work. Both are equally important! Same thing with nutrition…a meal plan will be provided to you and we will talk about how to incorporate TREATS as well because i have TREATS daily but i have just figured out a really amazing way to do that and still feel great and see results. I was SUPER strict forever and it was more stress on my mind and body than learning how to ebb & flow with my food too!


How will you need to get set up with your 14 day free trial offer? You will go to


and click on that bottom right option with the 14 day trial offer there…..unless for some reason you are just all in and want to take advantage of our crazy 1 year challenge pack special that is the top left option and join my more private group of ladies who work with me more closely.

**if you already have BOD through me….please email me asap or fb message me and we will get you added to the group too!


You will have to cancel the 14 day trial offer before it is up and the chat info to do that is here: https://faq.beachbody.com/app/contact_us/lob/coach

It’s super simple to chat in there at any time…day 2..or day 13…and cancel that and i do recommend that you do that! because if you want to continue on then the 1 year pass is a way better deal and you get my super food shakeology shake included in that…which i have been drinking daily for 5.5 years now…such a game changer…Vegan is the one i recommend-Vegan chocolate or Vegan cafe latte bc they are SO decadent and yummy. Perfect for my sweet tooth but packed with 70 herbs and super foods to fuel your body and your adrenals and gut health and hormones.



AFTER YOU GET SET UP WITH YOUR FREE TRIAL EMAIL ME AT BRANDIBOTTSFIT@GMAIL.COM with your confirmation and then join our Facebook group here



I will accept you into the group as soon as i see your email and confirmation!!


Email or fb message me with any questions!!!! meal plan is in the group!!!!! you will download it once you are in there!!!!!!


Excited!!!!! See you in there soon!


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