THIS IS ME: All of me – Love yourself naked NOW – webinar and order info

Would you like to join us?! My sweet and amazing friend Andrea Conti Crowder and I are going to be co-hosting something we are TRULY excited and truly passionate about.
As most of you have seen I have been on a huge self love exploration journey for the last few years…but even more so since 6 months ago when I removed my breast implants that were making me sick for years. But even more than that just on this journey to love and be all that I am…. THIS IS ME…all of me <3 It’s taken me 32 years to get to this place and I’m very much still learning and growing more in this area by leaps and bounds on the daily but as women we have a lot of outside pressure to be a certain way or how we “think” we should look or be and it can get to place where it RULES your ever waking thought and it can make you absolutely sick and absolutely miserable and take you in a direction you truly don’t want to be.
I know andrea has been embarking down this same path and are so similar yet so different and so we wanted to come together in this free webinar series and just share what we have learned along the way with you ladies 🙂
May 31st at 8pm CST <3
It will be about empowering tips to a fitter body and irresistible confidence– All about letting go of the judgment and instead, having this ultra tender curiosity about who we are and what we can learn about ourselves. Also sharing some tips about increasing our energy to take better care of bodies.
Shifting the idea of exercise & nutrition from punishment for our imperfections >>> to looking at it like this super selfish, luxurious reward that we begin to crave every day. The simple shifts we’ll teach will help you begin to eliminate that self-sabotage that leaves us forever frustrated and feeling defeated. It’s time to feel better naked… like right now.

The link to join us tomorrow is and the recording is the same link as well!!!






How to order and get set up into the THIS IS ME – LOVE YOURSELF NAKED group <3 This will be one of the most cherished challenges I have ever been apart of because it just pulls at my heart strings since this is the path I have embarked upon. To love all of me…..and I want other women to experience just the little bit that I have began to experience over this last year. It’s a journey but it’s a journey worth embarking upon!!!


What will you need?!


The all access challenge pack which gives you everything you will need for this challenge and for your amazing next year of your life of embarking upon that journey of truly loving yourself… and listening to your inner intuition of what your soul and body need.


Link to order challenge pack without the 3 day cleanse is :



Link to order the challenge pack with the 3 day cleanse is: USA link: if you are canada then email me at


Once you order please email me asap with your order confirmation!!! – i will need this!!!! and then this will let me know you are ready and i will then send you an email invite to our group so you can join us and download your meal plan and get ready with us!!!!!!


SOOOO excited to rock life with you these next few months <3 Life will never be the same again.


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