Seeing through God’s eyes

Can I have a moment of your time? 😘
I wanted to share something with you…something that has been changing the way I look at all things in my life….
I have to be honest. I lived most of my life in my head…my head was constantly thinking and analyzing and worrying and trying to figure life out….our mind is built for survival and so it just runs and runs and runs trying to survive….
And it wasn’t until I realized I could live and love from my HEART and from my soul that true happiness started to come about….
And what helped me make that shift was starting to view all life’s situations from “God’s EYES” – I would look at all my tough situations through that filter…I would look at people I was upset with through those lenses…I would find the beauty in it…the gift in it or in that person…I would try to put myself In their shoes and try to see why they would act the way they acted and usually it was bc they just simply were trying to feel ENOUGH or to be loved….that they were also battling hard life issues too and instead of judging them or the situation I just tried to accept it and love through it anyways and see it from gods perspective….
Even last night and this last week– me and b just have been busy and have both had so much big life things going on and we weren’t “connecting” like we normally do or should and we were short with one another and were a little “bitchy” to be honest lol and so we slowed down and got out of our head and into our heart to see where one another was coming from…what he was going through that I needed to understand and what I was going through that he needed to love and understand…and the of course once you slow down and choose to love and not judge and you LEAN in to understand the other person and LISTEN– the connection and love pours back in and all is well. I’m so lucky to have such a loving man that will take time to slow down with me and understand me ❤️
Why do I share that with you? Because most of us just run around living life from our heads and your head is all SURVIVAL mode…and judgement mode and it doesn’t seek to understand the situation or the other person is seeks to judge that they are wrong and if they loved me they wouldn’t act that way instead of the heart which seeks to understand and to open and lean in to discover how to understand where they are at and what might be going on for them ❤️
So maybe just maybe this might help someone that might be going through something tough today or something you are worried about…maybe you could slow down and breathe deep into your heart and see it from gods eyes so you can see the whole picture and maybe see the truth ❤️❤️❤️
Get into your heart ❤️❤️❤️

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