Healing Meditative Music & Gratitude flood

Random blog post of the month lol- something I shared with the breast implant illness group I am a part of on Facebook because I know the POWER of our minds…and that power is that we can heal ourselves or make ourselves SICK depends on our thoughts and patterns. If you haven’t already you can check out my morning routine here and you can get some ideas on how to start your day from a beautiful state…a state of gratitude that wipes out fear and operates from abundance and love.




Such a healing blend that I wanted to share with you guys today┬áto listen to during the day to get centered or to listen to when you sleep –it’s 528 hz so it’s a HEALING and LOVING tone…. There are so many of these on youtube so i would encourage you to do a search and find your favorite ones ­čÖé

Love is 528 hz’s did you know that?

Another one of my absolute FAVS for meditating and gratitude work is this one

and if you need a guided gratitude sesh….with my friend Tony Robbins here is amazing <3

and if you haven’t..watching “i am not your guru” on netflix will be a beautiful gift to yourself too <3

I just wanted to share!!!



These have been so healing for me <3




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