Some of my favorite things

  • SHAKEOLOGY–DUH  lol. This is 70 herbs and super foods. A WHOLE food source of  nutrition not a synthetic vitamin that you pee right out. This is breakfast or lunch every day no questions asked. It’s my starbucks frappuccino without all the sugar. Cafe Latte is currently my JAM but i love vegan chocolate too. You can order yours HERE orrrr ask me how you can get a whole workout program with it for $10 more dollars!  Find out more about why i love shakeology by watching my video here. This has an empty bag guarantee..what does that  mean though? That means if you don’t LOVE it and feel the difference that it makes then you can send the EMPTY bag back on day 30 and get your money returned! pretty crazy right? I’m a believer 🙂 5 years drinking this and going strong! 


  • Powdered greens or fresh green juice! This is a STAPLE for my diet every single day–i won’t go a day without greens or adding more alkaline foods/supps into my eating regimen! Stress, working out, meat, dairy, processed foods etc etc are all acidic and our body does BEST when it is slightly more alkaline in state so that is why I add fresh lemon to my water a few times a day as well as have 1-2 scoops of powdered greens or 1 scoop powdered greens and a fresh green juice (low sugar) each and every day! I also try to do ONE meal meat/animal protein free and lots of veggies for this very reason too bc animal products consumed over and over are tough on digestion as well as acidic in nature so gotta flush out the acid 🙂

POWER GREENS is in CUTE little travel packets and makes carrying it around and when I travel easier so if you love that idea then you can grab that HERE. One packet a day is normally what is recommended with these!!

  • Jump Sport rebounder–the BEST ever….not all rejoinders are created equal that is for sure. Billy bought this for me–so huge for lymphatic drainage throughout the day or just kick starting your mornings in a peak state 🙂 it’s hard to not want to do back flips on this thing it is so fun… way better than the cheap trampoline that barely moves. By jumping on this you squish your cells and toxins release and go into the lymps to be removed. (not a doctor…look it up lol) Tony Robbins is who taught me about this 🙂 I have the top one







    • Organic Sunless tanner bc a girl has gotta stay tan but also crazy chemical free–i get mine off of amazon bc amazon prime rocks my world! lol This one is the one I LOVE because if you look at the ingredients you will see why! Not affiliated with them at all just love this product! Great as a face and body tanner and I apply every 4-6 days or so! 




  • So the tanner above i use more on my body but i have also come to love THIS little mist spray bottle of tanner for my FACE because it’s LIGHT and not lotion right so it’s not oily at all…i spray this AFTER i do my make up on my face/ears/neck about every 2 days bc you can’t even tell when you put it on but it gives a great little glow without being overboard like other tanners.


    • TULIP Body spray–gah it is amazing. Favorite so far is Lemon Sugar. It’s an obsession at this point lol





    • Tony Robbins ULTIMATE EDGE Program OR the Tony Robbins Relationship program! Both were LIFE CHANGING for me. You can get more info on these at Tony’s website or through my friend 


    • Aztec Bentonite clay face mask — Amazon of course–This stuff is amazing for pulling out toxins from your face and you can use this on you ARM PITS as well if you are having BO issues!!





    • Smudge spray—for clearing out bad energy! I spray this all over the place…when i travel…in my office….Billy had got me this after my Breast Explant surgery to clear any bad energy so that I could heal in love and light 🙂 click HERE


    • Oversized baggy shirt….so cheap but so cute and comfy!!! click HERE





  • The most comfy yoga FLOW pants on this earth!!!!



  • My Miracle morning–if you are looking to create an empowering life changing morning routine!



  • ADP aka a super strong oil of oregano which is an anti-fungal. Note I am not a doctor nor can I tell you what to take but i will tell you this is what I take when i’m sick or when i had candida or any sort of bacterial infection. Such powerful amazing stuff to keep on hand.


  • Grain free tortillasssss– HEAVEN…better than real tortillas…wrap them with anything…butter whatever lol


  • Because I’m a girl boss that loves to have cute office stuff lol and i’m a office supply/journal/pen and market aholic….I’m in love with kate space office supples!!! Notepads….office supplies…got em all..




  • KIND BARS!! but this one is lower in sugar! Dark chocolate nuts & sea salt…SO so good..probably have one every day lol…someday i miss having one but it’s become something i look forward too!


  • How do i get such good lighting on my photos/videos?! The diva ring light and stand! i mean pretty much anyone with a social media based business has one…love this one!



  • And then of course one for you phone when you are out and about or just have terrible dark lighting…this is the one i use a ton! 


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