Breast Implant illness information

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Hey you guys! I have had an outpour of women reaching out to me about information over breast implant illness….so I wanted to create a page and place for people to come and get that information in one simple and easy place.

**** I have a few more videos after my surgery on my personal Facebook page!

********And most importantly!!!!!!*******

This was the website that really helped me to find out more information about it!

But symptoms of breast implant illness are as follows – you can find this same list on the website above but put it here for easy access and reading.

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For me….i had about 98% of those symptoms and have been AVID with eating amazing and detoxing and treating my body better than anyone else that i know and I still had some crazy symptoms so hence WHY i am making the decision that I am and that is to remove my breast implants on October 25th which was the soonest time that i could get in with a REPUTABLE surgeon that knows the techniques of proper removal!

More information on surgeons and proper removal are on the website i linked you to above!

An amazing Facebook support group can be found here:



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