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Hey friend!!! 🙂
Thank you so much for stopping by my site!

I’m so excited to connect with you and have a new home/place to be able to share value and content that I hope will either inspire or add value you to you in some sort of way! That is truly my life’s mission….I honestly think of myself as a little human science experiment lol That just goes through life and grows and learns and tries new things and God has dabbled in some fun things along the way that have forced me to learn and grow so that I can take those lessons and share them with you along the way. Just know that if there is anything i can help with or any questions i can help you with don’t be afraid to reach to me! I love meeting new people on this journey and look forward to connecting or working with you!

Anyways, I wanted to share a little bit about myself so that you can get to know me a bit. My name is Brandi boots and I am a 31 year old mom of 2 boys that we like to call “the CHAOS” lol and they have earned that title rightfully so! Lincoln is almost 7 and lenox is 4.5 and they are the most handsome but craziest boys I have ever came across but they are my little world changers and they are the reason I do what I do and the reason I am always striving to become my best self.

Shortly after lincoln was born in 2009, I hit rock bottom with my health…I noticed something was OFF when i started blacking out in the middle of conversations and my anxiety went through the roof. Instead of taking the anxiety meds that my doctor was persistant with my taking, I asked him to run blood work and that is when I found out I had a low functioning thyroid which I later found out was an auto immune thyroid condition called Hashimotos. This is basically a condition where your body is slowly killing your thyroid and it’s got some not so fun side effects. Also, over that year it was revealed i had complete adrenal exhaustion, leaky gut, candida overgrowth and parasites, low low sex hormones, and a ton of food sensitivities due to the leaky gut. In those moments, I was a basket case lol…and that is putting it lightly. I was pretty much bed ridden for about a year during my pregnancy with my 2nd son because I was just SO tired and exhausted and couldn’t function socially due to the anxiety i was going through. It was honestly a very scary time for me and i quickly realized i had taken my health for granted my first 25-26 years of life and I would NEVER ever do that again.

It was shortly after i had my 2nd son lenox…about 2.5 years into my health issues that God put Beachbody into my life and I realized that all i had went through was for a PURPOSE and that was to be able to help others that were going through similar issues or hard times to start going on that journey of healing themselves. Also, I became a huge advocate for encouraging people to take care of themselves before it was too late like i had to go through….it was really these workouts and shakeology and learning how to navigate these auto immune conditions and on top of that learning that HELPING OTHERS and getting beyond just focusing on myself was the secret to healing and living a very fulfilled and happy life that MEANT something. I’ve learned that contributing BEYOND yourself and setting goals again and GROWING yourself is truly the KEY to living a fulfilled life and whatever you focus on will expand….for a while i was wrapped up in myself and how i was FEELING or how awful i was feeling and I’ve learned how to switch that focus so that I truly get what i want and feel how i want to feel. Also, shifting your focus to what you are GRATEFUL for instead of on what you don’t have or how awful you feel is another VERY important GIFT i learned too….

So if you are reading this and you are struggling or are unhappy….start with gratitude! I start everyday with 5-15 minutes of just flooding myself with ALL the little and big things i am so grateful for…maybe it’s my boys smiles or the sun rise that morning or sunset the day before or that smile from that stranger or for the heart that is beating without me even asking it to in my chest…What’s wrong is always available…but so is what’s RIGHT…so choose your focus wisely.

As of today, I have been a Top coach for Beachboy for a little over 4 years and I’m so passionate about helping people start their own journey to health so if you need a plan or need guidance or a workout suggestion or nutrition help..please reach out! I also truly LOVE helping people create a very successful and happy life as well and I fully believe in this coaching opportunity as a tool to create that…because this coaching business is SOO much about YOU becoming your VERY best self and getting beyond yourself and contributing to others…and the simple fact that I never feel like i have to SELL a thing bc these products work and I use them daily and they make my life better and easier. It’s a beautiful combination to have when you really want to make a huge change in your life or design that life you love. I would love to help you do just that…design a life that you truly LOVE waking up to.


Regardless if coaching is right for you or not…I hope you pursue everything you WANT in life and realize that at any moment you can choose to go in the direction of your dreams.
Look forward to talking and working more with you soon!
Love and light and energy your way


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