Fun water recipes!


The skies parted and the STARS aligned when I found out about fruit infused water lol

We all KNOW how important drinking enough water is to our bodies that are made up of over 70% water but I know that so many of us struggle to get enough water in!

I personally chug 20-24oz of room temperature alkaline water first thing in the morning when my body is CRAVING water the most and I try to chug 16-20 oz about 20 minutes BEFORE each meal as well but I love having yummy water at my desk and when I leave the home and this has even become a TREAT for me when I want something sweet as well!

Strawberry/lemon water heaven

What will you need?

1/2 lemon

3-4 frozen strawberries

Liquid stevia – i do love the lemon liquid stevia now for this too! but plain is fine!

cup of ice

24 oz of Alkaline or a clean water source

Your favorite water on the go water jug or glass


  1. Fill your jug with your cup of ice and your water!
  2. Add in the frozen strawberries and squeeze in your lemon!
  3. Add in 1-2 droppers of liquid stevia…start with one full dropper and go by your TASTE!
  4. shake or stir for a minute and taste test it to see if you want more stevia…you want it sweet but not overbearing
  5. Enjoy 🙂 happiness in a glass….




I have to say…this has actually helped me to get my BOYS to drink more water as well and I’m constantly telling them HOW important drinking their water is! In the mornings I will make this water and stir in some flavored probiotics as well for their gut health and they know HOOOWWW healthy their morning water is and talk about it all the time lol…they tell me “momma…if we don’t drink water we will die lol..water is the healthiest!” hahaha well something like that boys haha…but yes water is so important!

My top 5 things I taught them about living their best life are as follows:

  1. Drink lots of healthy water
  2. Eat lots of healthy food
  3. Get good sleep to HEAL our body and our mind
  4. Live in a BEAUTIFUL STATE..which they call a “happy state” lol
  5. And the most important  one of all…is to ALWAYS…i mean ALWAYS LOOOVVEEE their momma!! 

hahhaah i would say that is about right?! I had to sneak that in there 🙂 

I’m so bad..I know this lol

I hope this helps both YOU and your babies get in more water and how important it is.

Was this helpful? or do you have any other ideas or tricks you use?! Comment with your ideas or thoughts below! Would love to hear from you!

also…in case YOU as adult need help with ideas on WHAT to eat to feel your best…



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