My auto-immune/paleo diet regimen

Hey everyone! Thought i would make a really quick blog about what I have been doing these last 7 days with my nutrition plan since so many of you are ...

TONS of 21 day RESET results from my last group

Hey everyone….so I wanted to put a little page together that shares some of my groups results and give them a big shout out for completing their 21 days!! They’ve ...

Welcome to my site!! Thanks for stopping by :)

Thank you so much for stopping by my site! My name is Brandi Botts and I am a 8 star diamond/Elite Top 20 coach with beachbody!  As you can tell ...


Building muscle burns fat–my body beast transformation

My journey to changing my family’s life and earning over 6 figures as a coach…

Here more about my journey here on this call : Like i ...

Shakeology 7 Day Challenge!

Hey everyone! If you are really interested in starting a healthier lifestyle ...

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Clean Tomato Basil Soup

I’m in love with this raw tomato soup – Not many soups these days are actually HEALTHY and most are jam packed with sodium and random oils and dairy and all sorts of stuff so making this one and having it TASTE amazing was a breath of fresh air! It’s simple to make, simple to […]

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GUILT FREE Almond flour pizza

I LOVE PIZZA..and I love carbs…but I also love staying on track with my health and fitness goals so I find my HAPPY medium. Plus I LOVE having more treats MORE OFTEN rather than once a week so why not have more pizza in your life and not feel so guilty and not see the […]

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Chicken “noodle” soup with zucchini

Chicken “noodle” soup It’s just one of those days and weeks where all I want to do is to eat a big bowl of WARM SOUP  Something that soothes my stomach and is easy to digest. I’m grain free so instead of doing traditional noodles i’ve used shredded zucchini as my noodle base and it’s so […]

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Homemade gluten free Biscuits

I love old fashioned cooking and the southern meals that pack all the carbs, fat and calories into one meal….but I also LOVE to be healthy and so I have to find that medium ground that works for me. I’m grain free as well as gluten free so I have to get creative to re-create […]

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What is coaching? Recorded call here

If you were wondering more about What I do as a coach you can listen to this short recorded call. I share more about my story and so does my friend Mindy. We both are just normal/everyday mom’s with a big passion for helping people get healthy. Please email me with any questions that you […]

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