My auto-immune/paleo diet regimen

Hey everyone! Thought i would make a really quick blog about what I have been doing these last 7 days with my nutrition plan since so many of you are ...

TONS of 21 day RESET results from my last group

Hey everyone….so I wanted to put a little page together that shares some of my groups results and give them a big shout out for completing their 21 days!! They’ve ...

Welcome to my site!! Thanks for stopping by :)

Thank you so much for stopping by my site! My name is Brandi Botts and I am a 8 star diamond/Elite Top 20 coach with beachbody!  As you can tell ...


Building muscle burns fat–my body beast transformation

My journey to changing my family’s life and earning over 6 figures as a coach…

Here more about my journey here on this call (mp3) Like i ...

Shakeology 7 Day Challenge!

Hey everyone! If you are really interested in starting a healthier lifestyle ...

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Update on my health journey- Adrenal fatigue, candida, low sex hormones, thyroid, auto immune

Hey guys! I wanted to make a NEW BLOG post over my journey to optimal health. I get SOOO MANY questions about my issues and what I have gone through and then how did I overcome those issues so I’m going to begin slowly updating this blog post here with frequently asked questions and my […]

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Leadership-Leading a team and building momentum by Brandi Botts

Hey friends!!!   Last night I had the honor of speaking with Jenelle Summers on our 60 days to DIAMOND training call! I spoke over leadership and leading a team and building momentum as a team. I even went as far as to provide a “leadership to do list” template that you can follow after […]

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Brandi’s Cookie Crumble shake recipe

Hey guys!! so I FINALLY had the time to sit down and post this recipe for you all!!! It was totally my fault for even mentioning such a delicious recipe  without posting it on my website first so I apologize!!!   The reason why i couldn’t just quickly post the recipe is because my version […]

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Protected: Sign up instructions for the PIYO TEST GROUP

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Clean Tomato Basil Soup

I’m in love with this raw tomato soup – Not many soups these days are actually HEALTHY and most are jam packed with sodium and random oils and dairy and all sorts of stuff so making this one and having it TASTE amazing was a breath of fresh air! It’s simple to make, simple to […]

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