My auto-immune/paleo diet regimen

Hey everyone! Thought i would make a really quick blog about what I have been doing these last 7 days with my nutrition plan since so many of you are ...

TONS of 21 day RESET results from my last group

Hey everyone….so I wanted to put a little page together that shares some of my groups results and give them a big shout out for completing their 21 days!! They’ve ...

Welcome to my site!! Thanks for stopping by :)

Thank you so much for stopping by my site! My name is Brandi Botts and I am a 8 star diamond/Elite Top 20 coach with beachbody!  As you can tell ...


Building muscle burns fat–my body beast transformation

My journey to changing my family’s life and earning over 6 figures as a coach…

Here more about my journey here on this call (mp3) Like i ...

Shakeology 7 Day Challenge!

Hey everyone! If you are really interested in starting a healthier lifestyle ...

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HOW TO BUST THROUGH A WEIGHT LOSS PLATEAU!! & sign up for my monthly newsletter here

Hey guys! You can click this link and it will open up my last newsletter over my THREE TOP TIPS TO BUST THROUGH A WEIGHT LOSS PLATEAU! If the info was helpful and you want to subscribe to get my next newsletter over the top 3-4 foods that could be causing your body strife and stalled […]

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  How to get joined into our max 30 test group!!!??? Read below! SECOND!!! FILL OUT YOUR MAX 30 APPLICATION AND EMAIL IT TO ME AT !!!! Download application here: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click here to see the VIDEO over max 30 : Here is the link to watch our MAX 30 webinar! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ My 30 […]

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Heavenly Coconut Pancakes

  Seriously….these have saved my life the last 2-3 weeks….For those that follow me I took a food sensitivity test and it had 29 different foods on there and so i’ve had to get a little striker with my eating and so these pancakes have saved the day and make me feel like i’m treating […]

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Brandi Botts’s 7 day meal plan leading into the first week of the TEST GROUP for Insanity Max 30!

Hey guys! Sorry it took me a couple days to get this up!! I’ve been crazy busy trying to get all prepped to kick off this 60 day test group with the new insanity max 30 program created by Shaun T!! I’m sure a lot of you have done or at least heard of insanity…it’s […]

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My 7 day Liver/gallbladder flush journey

Hey guys! Soooo as promised….i wanted to update you all on what I ventured into last week. You guys ALL KNOW i’m a health geek and I’ve kind of had to be my own health advocate over the last 4-5 years. If you know me or have followed me for a while then you know […]

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